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Craft a Timeline. Battle in the Coliseum. Entertain Fate.
Play Genesis: Battle of Champions online with friends! Enter the Coliseum to begin.Spin up a chat in Discord, digital correspondence, or over the phone.?



Play Genesis: Battle of Champions online with friends! Enter the Coliseum to begin.
Enter the ColiseumColiseum: How ToGenesis: Learn To Play



Weave your own Timeline. View deck lists, analyze stats and build new decks.
Open Fate WeaverFate Weaver (Deck Builder): How To


Explore volumes of the great and renowned Timelines.
You may favorite (to play with) or copy and modify them.Explore the TomesHistoria: How To

The Library

The Library of Sahas catalogs the knowledge in all of Jaelara.
Including all of the cards!Explore the Library
The ColiseumThe Library
A Tactical Collectible Card Game

The Game

Genesis: Battle of Champions is a tactic collectiable card game where your position and awareness matter. Champions battle out on a 5x6 grid where they punch, kick, sling spells, and beckon summons to their aid. This awesome combination of minis/war-games and strategy-based card games is the best I've seen.Visit the Official Page

Learn How To Play

TODO - I have ideas for a tutorial

Official HCG resources:

Beginner's GuideRules Book


Gaming is best with friends and often better in real life. Think globally, shop locally. Support your LGS and help grow your local community!Local Store Locator


I also highly recommend joining the Fan Discord server to find people to play or chat with, or discuss anything Genesis related. If you have questions about the rules you can also ask any of the judges in the #Judges room. There is also a lot of awesome fan art and deck techs and strategy and meta-game discussions going on too. Be Kind. Be Respectful. Have Fun!Join the Genesis BOC Fan Discord Rules Question? Ask a Judge @

More Fan Sites

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You can find me on the fan discord
*No Affiliation*
are a group of awesome folk! I am a big fan of their game (obviously) and I like them as a company. I have no affiliation with them. All card and some other digital assets (ex: icons, arenas) are the property of HCG. You can learn more about them on their website. Haunted Castle Gaming Inc.Genesis: Battle of Champions

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